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We Make Sweden Work

Changing the wrongful perception of the production industry.


IF Metall


With increasing global trade and production in low-cost countries, many people think the Swedish production industry has seen its heyday. Even the former Swedish prime minister called the industry "basically gone" at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2013. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Swedish production industry is thriving. A lot of the things we use in our everyday lives are still made in Sweden. It's a cornerstone in the Swedish economy and it's the reason the service sector is booming. Only, most people don't realize this. 


As the union for blue-collar workers, IF Metall wanted to change the wrongful perception of the industry. Before the upcoming wage negotiations they wanted to boost the sense of pride among their members, and demonstrate their importance for the whole society. "We make Sweden work" is the concept that shows the importance of Swedish blue-collar workers and bring pride to the members of IF Metall. 

Changing the perception of the Swedish production industry – from a rusting engine to the backbone of Sweden. 

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