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The Step by Step Guide


Making Stockholm the go-to place for visually impaired foodies.

Not everyone has the privilege to find, discover and try the city’s best restaurants.If you’re disabled in any way, visiting a new restaurant could be hard. Shouldn’t the best food and top notch gastronomy be available to anyone, regardless of who you are? Visit Sweden now wanted to prove that Stockholm is an open, welcoming and progressive city.

 “It’s a privilege to have the ability to without any problems discover and eat at the nicest restaurants.”

To make fine restaurants more available, we launched a smart ”Step by Step guide” for the visually impaired. The sound based guide easily leads you to some of Stockholm’s best restaurants and takes off as soon as you get off your bus or subway. The restaurants were chosen on the recommendations of Swedish masterchefs. Both the gastronomy and the restaurants’ profiles in favor of visually impaired people were considered.  Try it out yourself here.