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Visualizing Predictability

Creating a new look for PostNord's online presence




PostNord offers communications and logistics solutions within the Nordic region. It has a unique distribution network delivering parcels and mail to the the Nordic region’s residents and businesses. PostNord is focused on developing the basis for tomorrow’s communication, e-commerce, distribution and logistics solutions. However, the public perception of PostNord is somewhat tainted due to the transition into the digital realm leaving the physical service questioned. Still, PostNord is the preferred e-commerce partner in the Nordics due to its high standards and exceptional logistics capacity. Their systems track and monitor the logistics chain offering control and predictability to its services. They needed a graphical expression for their online presence that told this story.


We produced design elements that encapsulate logistics and predictability into the expression of PostNords presence online. Logistics that just works. Like clockwork. The design elements included a series of animated motions that could be used to illustrate a wide range of messages in PostNord's social media channels. Each animated motion was created as an infinite loop to maximize the eye catching effect. 

Each animated motion could be used to illustrate a wide range of messages.

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