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We create solutions so
relevant that people want to
engage with them voluntarily

Together with our clients and third-party specialists we craft strategies and solutions that affect people, serve their needs and make true impact in their lives. We put the solution at the center of everything we do, be it emotional, practical or technical. So, our name is short for what we believe in – creating communication that is so interesting and meaningful that people want to engage with it, voluntarily.

Connect the silos.

We help organizations tell a coherent story in a connected world.

We help organisations with all their communication needs and we help them tell their stories in a coherent way – a perfectly designed service, the most effective store material, the movie to tell the story or the perfect PR strategy.

People. Society. Business.

People’s needs, behaviours and the world they
live in is the canvas we build communication on.

People first.

Without empathy and respect, business will suffer.

Society matters.

We help organizations to be part of the solution - not the problem.


When business meets digitalisation, beautiful things happen.

We’re surprisingly predictable.

Our methodology takes organizations from guessing to knowing what to do.

Everything is communication.

In a connected world, everything an organization does is branding.

In corporate marketing the pendulum has swung from brand advertising to performance marketing. Marketing and communication has left the marketing departments and incorporated itself into all departments and aspects of the organisations eco-system. Today everything company does is communication, from products and services, HR, management or business models. Volontaire embrace this shift.  

It’s already there.

We help organisations find and utilise their existing strengths.

Actions speak louder than words.

Make sure you do what you say & say what you do.


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