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Hack the World Wifi

Boosting kids interest in tech by giving them access to unlimited WiFi.


The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries


The Swedish Engineering Industries need to recruit more technichans and engineers. Unfortunately, when todays middle school students graduate we’re short on 1,000 engineers. We need to educate more engineers and we need to get younger kids more interested in tech, that’s a fact. Nine out of ten students in middle school are into tech but after 12 years age the interest and the curiosity fades away. How can we help kids be kids, and make them keep their curiosity and creative view on tech into adulthood?


We give kids what they love but can’t have – unlimited WiFi at leisure school. Together with the Engineering Industries we installed routers at chosen leisure schools in Sweden, and connected all units to our unique ”Hack the World Wifi”. But there’s one hook to it –the WiFi is limited to the Engineering Industries own curated website. The website is stuffed with tech related content only such as do it yourself videos and fun technical experiments, reminding and showing the kids how fun and creative tech actually is. Who knows, maybe this may lead to some of them ending up as engineerslater on. Kids being indoors staring at screens have never been more relevant.

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