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Will girls start enjoying tech if all their role models are afraid of it? 


The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries


At the age of nine 86 percent of all girls are interested technology, just a few years later only 36 percent are. What happens? Plenty of things of course, but one big issue is the norms of society. To see that women you look up to keep saying they are not tech savvy, and keep asking men for help to solve technical problems have an effect on young girls. We wanted to do something to make people recognize and reflect on these norms.


#CreateTechfidence aims to encourage role models such as parents, teachers and representatives of engineering 
companies to share their own thoughts and experiences under the hashtag and in the long term contribute to creating techfidence. Together with the hashtag we published some concrete advice on how to create techfidence on the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries’ webpage.

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