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We’re surprisingly predictable.

Our methodology takes organizations from guessing to knowing what to do.

Everything is communication.

In a connected world, everything an organization does is branding.

Effective communication is a key ingredient in creating engagement between brands and their target audience. In today's fast-paced and highly connected world, brands need to be able to effectively communicate their messages and values to their target audience in order to foster the connection and loyalty.

Engagement is crucial for brands because it helps to build trust and credibility, increases brand awareness and advocacy, and ultimately drives sales and growth. By actively engaging with their audience through various channels such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing, brands can establish a strong relationship with their target audience, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. In today's highly competitive marketplace, creating engagement is essential for brands to succeed and remain relevant in the minds of their target audience.

Our services and teams are tailor made with and based on each client's industry, needs, goals and conditions. ​


To identify the desired targets, we offer a free consultation meeting before we start any assignment. We do this together with the client in order to identify the desired results and set the correct strategy.

Do you want to develop and strengthen your organization?


In an age of shrinking budgets and increased pressure to demonstrate results, the need is greater than ever to maximize and prove impact and effectiveness. At the same time, there is a risk of settling for what is easy to measure but has little evidence of influencing the long-term result. ​ We work to build and strengthen employer brands for companies and authorities in Sweden as well as globally. We know that a strong brand must be founded in a sustainable organization based on insights from the culture and values ​​that the organization stands for and that the employees live by every day. A strong long-term brand needs to be true and consistent with customers and employees' expectations before, during and after contact with the company. By analyzing the organization and taking a joint approach to the entire company incl. employees, processes and communication, we build a profitable, strong and sustainable company. ​ ​ We offer: Organizational research and analysis Employee survey and analysis Competitor research and analysis Business research and analysis

We offer:

  • Organizational research& analysis

  • Employee survey & analysis

  • Competitor research & analysis


Creativity is at the heart of what we do. It is the key that unlocks business challenges, moves brands and creates change. It is through creativity that we transform strategy into emotional concepts and sharp ideas that convey emotions and build relationships between people and brands. By uniting our unique breadth of creators with both analysts, strategists and specialists during the process to bring out the best concepts. We believe in the power of collaboration and always let the best idea lead the way.

We offer:​

  • Branding concept

  • Campaign concept

  • PR concept


Navigating a world characterized by increased complexity, polarization and complicated stakeholder maps is both difficult and frightening. At the same time, the biggest risk is to do nothing at all. Because when the world changes, you have to dare to change faster - and that requires insightful, globally driven and courageous strategies that are put into action. In fact, there has never been a better time to strengthen your position, drive long-term growth, build internal pride and attract talent. Out of uncertainty grows not only anxiety and frustration, but also deepened relationships and ground-breaking ideas. Whoever contributes real solutions to real problems in a time that feels anything but hopeful will come out stronger on the other side. But today, strategy is often built on preconceived notions, guesses or overly rational explanatory models. Rather, for strategy to create value, it must be based on an unfiltered description of reality and an open mind to possible ways forward. You have to be deeply rooted in business, people and the world around you, but also be able to see solutions that no one else sees - a unique combination of knowledge and imagination. That's why we work fully integrated with industry expertise, analysis, strategy and creation to help our customers develop insightful strategies that, through creative communication, have the power to change: Business and brand strategy Communication strategy Channel and content strategy Process development Organizational development

We offer:

  • Brand & Communication strategy

  • Organizational development


Most of the time, communication campaigns have a well-defined target group, but sometimes there is an information need or a desire for a behavioral change of a wider group that is difficult to define. Achieving that kind of change requires us to use our entire communicative toolbox – from environmental monitoring, analysis and strategy to creative conceptualization and smart activation of communication. The key to reaching a broad target group is to capture and use the public's involvement. For that to happen, we need to activate them emotionally. Our experience has taught us that we must approach societal problems or large-scale change by finding the shared value for our client and society. Creativity and creative communication are then used as an engine to reach the target group on an emotional level

We offer:

  • Internal communication

  • External communication

Actions speak louder than words.

Make sure you do what you say & say what you do.


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