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Our job is to embrace curiosity, to challenge the norm
and to be a facilitator for change.

Our job is to embrace curiosity, to challenge the norm and to be a facilitator for change.

We are a network full of senior experts. The idea of ​​a network comes from the desire to work with sustainable, driven and really talented individuals. Individuals who truly do wonders for organizations and society at large. This without letting languages, nationalities, sexual orientations, national borders or pandemics put an end to our creative joy and desire to do great things. Instead, we believe that a variety of people with different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds makes us better, smarter and more versatile.


Thanks to this and our wide variety and solid ground of expertise, we are able to offer and help our clients to create more motivated, more sustainable and more efficient organizations. And by doing so, we also increase our clients performance and profitability.

Are you a digital nomad, a freelancer with certain skills within design, communication, strategies and business evolution  - join our community of freedom and fun at work.


What we are looking for is people with passion, dedication, curiosity and that want to be part of a network of different thinking minds that can make brilliant new ideas for the businesses of tomorrow. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Join the network

Lina Edenfelt Holst


 Brand & Creative Strategist


Rasmus Nilsson

Creative Director

Brand & Communication Strategist


Sanna Tidbeck

Client & Project Manager


Linda Kirsebom

Client Director & PR Strategist


Daniel Stigefelt

Cameraman & Creative Strategist

Skärmavbild 2023-08-09 kl. 13.33_edited.jpg

Lind Larsson

Project Manager


Marcus Göransson

Creative & Brand Strategist


Our Evolution Network

Experts depending on the mission.

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