"Our job is to embrace curiosity, to challenge the norm and to be a facilitator for change."

Everyone at Volontaire is here for a reason. We believe equality is essential. We believe everyone’s voice is equally important, and we believe equality is not just about women’s and men’s equal rights at the workplace. It is also about caring for and treating people of different ages, with different backgrounds and different abilities with equal respect and opportunity.

We strive to be a safe and developing workplace for all and a responsive and respectful partner. In return, we demand the same from our clients and partners. Being equal means being able to respect and embrace differences – to welcome the unknown, new perspectives and dare to give up old truths. We believe that a variety of people with different perspectives and backgrounds makes us better.

But even though we challenge the status quo we, as many others, tend to have the same breakfast every day and return to the same lunch spots every day. We tend to revisit our favorite destinations and replay our favorite song. With this being said – routine is safe, routine is easy, but it keeps us from understanding the bigger picture and becoming something greater. We all need to actively leave our comfort zone. And that is why we think our job is to embrace curiosity, to challenge the norm and to be a facilitator for change. We also need to constantly grow and do the right thing, be it together or individually.


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