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Technology – 10 Lessons in Changing the World

Supporting Swedish teachers in making technology more appealing to young girls.


The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries


Studies show girls’ interest in tech is declining between 5th and 9th grade, and that girls choose not to have a career in technology since they feel stronger about helping people and changing the society in a positive direction. We needed to support Swedish technology teachers to make the subject more appealing to young girls.


Role models are key. We decided to produce a new teaching aid completely made by women, the book “Technology – 10 Lessons in Changing the World”. Everyone involved in making the book, from project managers and illustrators to the role models portrayed in each chapter had to be female. But we did not stop there – every chapter is also connected to a specific social issue, like democracy or the environment, to show girls that using technology is actually a way to change society in a positive direction. Swedish technology teachers could order the book for free, and a digital version could be downloaded by anyone interested in the project.


Can we expect girls to choose
a career in technology if all the books are written by men?

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